My Mission: By taking on roles that break tabooed topics, I want to open new conversations, celebrate the human spirit and be part of a community that takes risks and creates change.

My Vision: Through the art of acting and story-telling I wish to inspire women and men to explore what their natural-born gifts are and feel empowered to express their art in the world.

My Story: I was born in Bern, Switzerland to father Bosar, a Jazz musician of Yemeni-Israeli decent and Swiss mother Verena, a peace activist. I graduated from the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. I am currently working with Mary Boyer of MTB Studio on a weekly basis and at The Cinematic Fight Studio perfecting my skills in Combat, Full Contact Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Swords, Fire Arms and Archery. I am also a yoga instructor, Medic and speaks fluently in English, Hebrew, German and Swiss German.