Lets pick the pages

You may choose from these industry-standard business-website pages to showcase you business in the best way possible.

* you can add more pages later.

logo and title

please upload your business logo, if you do not have a logo, just entering a name would also do the job.

main image slider

we found that home pages are best optimized for impressing and converting clients in the format of a cool image slider and business specialties.

Please add a few images that can describe your work - images from work your business has previously done (portfolio images) is best!

* 950*350 would be best.
* you can upload more images later.

main services

These are the main specialties that would be represented at the home page of your website - these are very important as this is the first impression the visitor has.

* you can change and add the specialties later.

about page

Please upload a nice image that will complement the about page (optional) :

services page

In this section we want to give our visitors the chance to learn more about our services so they can decide that your business is their solution.

You should add an image to the service (optional) :

You should add an image to the service (optional) :

You should add an image to the service (optional) :

Please upload a nice image that will complement the above service (optional) :

* you can change and add more services later.

portfolio page

Here we will upload your 3 best projects so far, dont worry - you will have plenty of time to add all of your other projects to the website later.

* you can change and add more showcases to your portfolio later.

testimonials page

Testimonials are allso very important, they are the "social proof" part of the selling proccess - please enter up to 3 client testimonials for the testimonials page :

First Testimonial

Second Testimonial

* you can change and add more testimonials to your website later.

website blog

A blog answers the need of fresh and new content. people don't want to come back to a still site with static information, they wanna see something new.

Please enter post's title, content and upload a related image :

* you can change and add more blog posts to your blog later.

contact page

If we want our website to have any impact on our business we should probably add a contact page - please fill in the basic contact information.

* you can add more contact information later.

lets set up the hosting

we highly recommend using our hosting service (a specialy if you are not an advanced user) since our servers has been carefuly tuned to these types of websites - allthough we'll understand if you choose to host the website yourself :).

* please pick one of the options above.

oh great :)

we're pleased that you chose our high-quality hosting service :

* full access to manage the website online
* unlimited hosting space
* unlimited bandwidth

Please continue to the domain set-up step, we're all done here.

self hosting

since you want to host the website yourself we are going to need a few details in order to set up the website properly on your hosting server (don't worry, we'll take care of everything).

FTP Access

Hosting Service Backend

* please fill the forms above.

let's set up the domain.

A domain is the online address of our website, ex: www.domain.com.

* please pick one of the options above.

awesome, check availability.

please check to see if the domain you want is still available, and when you find one that you want and is available please continue to the next step.

www. .
Please check availabilty of the domain before you can continue.

* domain fee is $1.95 / month (including all the handling).
* when you are done continue to the next step.

please set up the nameservers

if you wish to use a pre-purchased domain then please use the domain supplier's interface to change the domain's DNS records.

If you chose to host through our hosting service :


if you chose to host through your own hosting service, please change the dns records of the domain to the dns records that your hosting service uses.

cool addons - check this out.

Well, we know sometimes small websites have big plans. and do we have big plans for your website. These are some of the addons and services that will complement your website greatly and more important - will bring alot more to the bottom line.

Logo Design

sure, make me an awsome logo ( $47.95 one time )

we really want you to enjoy the best branding on your website, if you allready have a logo all set up for your business that's cool too.

we do allthough make really cool logos and the really cool thing is that if we design the logo for you we'll allso be able to adjust the website's branding and design in a way that will make your website look like the next Apple.

Mobile Version / App

the smartphone community is getting bigger and bigger and every month we see more and more people experiencing the internet through their mobile device.

the 24.hour website's mobile app will automaticly detect when a user reaches your website via a mobile device and will show him the mobile app version instead.

allso we added a cool feature that lets the user add your website mobile app to their smartphone app list, so they can see your name and logo everytime they open their phone :)

Any further comments?

If you have any further comments regarding your website please write them down here and we will do our best to act by them

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the different site pages

Mostly, the website's pages are shown in the top navigation bar

In order to display your message in the best way possible, a website will link to it's different pages so the user can navigate through the website's content in an easy and comfortable way.

Homepage Image Slider

This is the big changing image at the homepage, we found that adding one of these really increases the sence of trust and authority.

Please upload some images of work your busines did if it's visual, if not you can upload other images you think would describe your business best. if not, its still ok.. we'll set up something nice for you.

* you can add more postsimages and change existing ones later.

Homepage Main Services

This is a little treat for the users to get them wanting more...

Please insert here a few words obout your top 3 services or business specialties, we will use them to showcase your business in the websites' homepage.

* you can edit these later.

About Page

We want the potential clients to get to know you a bit better, right?

Please write here the details of your business in the best way possible. your experience, clients you worked with, your target, objective... and everything you can think of that will convince the user that you're the right solution for him. (the more the marrier...)

* you can edit your about page later.

Services Page

The client needs to know what their getting into right?

Remember how you wrote a few words about your top 3 services? (if you did...) well now we would like you to expand on those same 3 top services to be put in a special "services" page... that's where we want the client to go...

* you can add more services and change existing ones later.

Portfolio Page

If you business has any visual input, this is the most important page

Add a few portfolio images in the upload fields and give them a little title, we will use this data in your portfolio page.

* you can add more portfolio elements and change existing ones later.

Testimonials Page

Had any clients say nice things about your business?

It is important for the social proof of your product or services to showcase client testimonials in your website. If you have a client testimonials insert them here and we will use them in the testimonials page.

* you can add more portfolio elements and change existing ones later.

Website Blog

If your serious about Internet Marketing, this is the way to go...

If you want a blog on your website we think you're awesome. please insert the content of your first post in the blog and we'll set everything up.

* you can add more posts and change existing ones later.

Contact Page

If you are expecting leads from this website, its probably a good idea...

It's very important to give the client contact details so he'll know where to go to. please insert your contact details below and we'll use them in your contact page.

* you can add and change everything here later.

Hosting Set-up

For a website to be showcased in the internet, it needs to sit in a special computer called "server"...

If you have your own hosting which you prefer to use, its ok. just give us the details we need and we'll set up your new website on your hosting. if not, we can save you all the hassle with our Unlimited $5.95 hosting - you'll love it.

* you will recieve full access to your website's back-end management system.

Domain Set-up

A domain is the address of your website, for ex: "www.apple.com" is a domain name...

If you already purchased your domain, go ahead and set up your nameservers to our servers as described. If not, we highly recommend purchasing the domain through us... we can really save you a lot of hassle...

* the domain cannot be changed.

Mobile version / app

More than 50% of US population now owns a smartphone.

plus, it's a really cool way to showcase your websites to potential clients. with this option we will create a mobile version of your website that will look just like an app and users will be able to download it to their smartphone like an app.

* Add $47.95 One-time fee.